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Ensure Your Safety at Your Business and Home

At Catch Consulting we routinely provide Security Consulting and Risk Assessment for clients throughout India.

What is Risk Assessment and Security Consulting?

Risk Assessment and Security Consulting involves identifying and assessing your organization’s existing and anticipated security risks. In conjunction with an understanding of your needs and expectations we conduct a physical security evaluation of your facilities to evaluate preparedness for natural and man-made disasters such as fire hazards, bomb threats, disgruntled employees, theft and vulnerability to terrorism. In that evaluation we’ll investigate your organizations surveillance systems and other security measures.

Security Plans That Work

Based on extensive research we develop a customized security plan for your company. We evaluate new and modified risks based on crime trends and intelligence. We probe facility functions and threat paradigms. We investigate your safety and security programs, policies, procedures, technology and training.Once a security plan is approved we then assign a Project Manager to work closely with your organization to ensure proper implementation of those recommendations. The Project Manager may perform additional needs assessments that may include electronic and/or physical security surveillance systems. We will review cost, value considerations and other operational requirements. Our Project Management process is founded on our unique combination of extensive security and law enforcement management experience.

How you will benefit from our Risk Assessment service?

At Catch Consulting we offer an unwavering commitment to uncover the truth. Our asset investigation report will detail our findings and provide you with peace of mind. We recommend you begin your due diligence by contacting us for a free confidential consultation. Call +91 7977573558 or use our contact form.